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Diatonic Reed Storage

Providing quality Seydel diatonic repairs at a fair price means I have to work quickly. Sorting, storing, and quickly locating reeds is one of the keys to get a reed replacement handled timely and getting the harmonica back on stage.

These containers were built by Michelle LeFree. Michelle is a manufacturing professional that is not only skilled at design work, but also able to build from those designs. Michelle is also a harmonica player so she knows the needs of the professional technician.

These reed storage trays are made from a 3D printer. Each one holds enough reeds for 2 slots (Holes) on a Seydel diatonic. There are 30 individual compartments for each slot and the individual reeds go into each compartment based on the labeled pitch.

I hire a sorter to take bulk Seydel reed orders and drop them in the corresponding compartments.

If you need Seydel repair, take a look at the information on my web site: Seydel Diatonic & Chromatic Repair

Feel free to contact me if you have questions: Email

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