I am a full service Seydel dealer specializing in Seydel sales and personal service. I am in partnership with the C.A. SEYDEL SOHNE company who has invested in 16:23 Harmonicas for the purpose of insuring you the Seydel player have access to personalized and expert service as well as economical repairs. 

What's the meaning of your company name 16:23?

Where are you located?

Do you have the best prices on Seydel harmonicas?

Do you service or sell harmonica brands other than Seydel.

Don't you build custom harmonicas and do I need one?

Why do you prefer to ship using U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail when there are less expensive options?

Why do you prefer email over phone calls?

What do you have against the online harmonica forums?

Do you ship internationally?

Can you classify my order as a “gift” or undervalue it so I don’t get charged taxes?

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