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I am a full service Seydel dealer specializing in Seydel sales and personal service. I am in partnership with the C.A. SEYDEL SOHNE company who has invested in 16:23 Harmonicas for the purpose of insuring you the Seydel player have access to personalized and expert service as well as economical repairs. 

What's the meaning of your company name 16:23?

16:23 is a Biblical reference to 1st Samuel 16:23 where we learned that David would play the harp to sooth the evil spirits. This is really just a lighthearted way for me to convey that I am a Christian and in all my dealings I seek to honor Christ.

Where are you located?

I am just north of San Antonio, Texas. 16:23 Harmonicas is an online retailer and as such, there is no store front or walk-in location.


Do you have the best prices on Seydel harmonicas?

Thankfully, I do not. I like to say that I have the best prices for the services I offer.  I know the Seydel product line inside and out and am available to my customers to personally guide them through their purchases and afterward, as well.  Many times this includes steering them into more economical options within the Seydel line of products. 

Do you service or sell harmonica brands other than Seydel.

Seydel has invested in 16:23 Harmonicas to insure players get top quality service and repairs. I specialize in Seydel to insure you get the best service.  You may contact me and I can refer you to some top notch repair technicians who specialize in other brands.

Don't you build custom harmonicas and do I need one?

I started out in the harmonica business building custom harps. Soon afterward, the harmonica companies improved the quality and construction of their harmonicas. Although there are many talented players who require some specialized adjustments, these players did not reach mastery through custom harps, but rather through study and practice.  Seydel harmonicas are built to the most precise specifications. Most advanced techniques are attainable on stock Seydel harps.  However, I do provide specialized services to advanced players who require very specific modifications.  These services include tuning and temperament adjustments, over blow and over draw set-ups, and half-valving. 

Why do you prefer to ship using U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail when there are less expensive options?

I have found that USPS Priority Mail allows me to spend less time packaging and tracking shipments and more time providing top quality service to my customers.

Why do you prefer email over phone calls?

Due to the high number of 16:23 customers, I have found it is difficult to keep track of pertinent details that pertain to each customer.  Email helps me keep it straight.  Also one way to keep prices down is to limit time spent on the phone and focus more on economical and efficient service to my many customers. Nevertheless, I am aware that sometimes you just need to reach someone and I can certainly understand that (210) 445-6600.

What do you have against the online harmonica forums?

The harmonica forums are a great source of information.  It is quite common to see contributions from the world’s greatest players.  It is important to remember that anyone can post on the forums and there is no way to really assess the poster’s skill or knowledge if they are unknown as a player.  Readers and posters who spend hours on harmonica forums are sacrificing valuable time that could be used to practice, play, and enjoy making music. It is important to note that when you accept forum posts as truth, you might be relying on information that is being provided by a less knowledgeable and skilled musician than yourself.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, I am happy to handle international shipping.  I generally use the USPS  priority mail for international shipping. The most economical services using the USPS don’t provide insurance and/or tracking.  If you want a specific guaranteed delivery date, I will need to use a more expensive service such as Express Mail. 

Can you classify my order as a “gift” or undervalue it so I don’t get charged taxes?

I will not lie or make any misrepresentation on a government document.  It just doesn’t fit into the type of business I want to operate.


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