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Symphony Chromatic Comb Options

The Seydel Symphony Grand Chromatic is an outstanding chromatic option for the serious player. Sales have outpaced all expectations and there is no doubt that this is due to the incredible sound, response, and design. When making decisions, players frequently ask about the differences in comb options. The Symphony Grand Chromatic comes with either an aluminum comb or a green acrylic.

This really comes down to personal preference and cosmetics. There is no tone difference. In fact, a harmonica reed will produce the exact tone without any comb.

There is a minimal weight difference between the two options. The acrylic and the aluminum. It is literally right around 2 oz difference in weight. The aluminum comb is hollowed out and this makes it significantly lighter than it would be otherwise.

Hope this is helpful. If you are considering a Seydel Symphony Grand Chromatic purchase, please feel free to contact me here

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