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​I specialize in providing specialized Seydel diatonic and chromatic set-ups and modifications.  My customers include talented hobby players in all genre as well as professional studio and performing artists. 


Also referred to my many as "harmonica customization", modifications to to stock Seydel harps should be reserved for specific 

musical requirements. 


It is important to ntoe that the player is most suited to customizing the harmonica he or she plays.  It is also important to note that the out of the box set-up for Seydel diatonics is ideal for many outstanding players so before you decide a custom harmonica is what you need, make sure you can adequately articulate how you feel your playing is limited by the out-of-the-box setup.

Alternate Tunings

- Alternate tunings are a great way to spice up music and improve playing. Many players find there are specific missing notes that keep them from playing certain melodies. The reed dimensions on Seydel harmonicas allow for simple alternate tuning modifications.

Overblow/Overdraw Set-Up

This is for the advanced OB/OD player who is seeking to improve OB/OD playing.  This service also includes modifications to reduce reed squeal.

Temperament Modifications

 This involves minor re-tuning of certain notes so they sound better when played as chords or separately or as individual notes. 

Frequency Basis Adjustment

- Stock harmonicas are specifically tuned to a frequency basis referred to as 442 and occasionally 443.  This frequency basis works well for most players in most situations and is considered optimal.  However, studio musicians as well as acoustic musicians who perform with stringed instruments require some of their harmonicas to be tuned around 440 or 441.   

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I can be reached at (210) 445-6600.  

You can also email me directly at

Before investing in modifications to a stock Seydel harmonica, the player should be able to clearly state what he or she trying to accomplish musically and how their current set-up limits their ability.  I prefer that new players work with an instructor when purchasing a custom harmonica from me.


Many new enthusiasts are influenced by those on social media sites who advocate the need for custom harmonicas. While some players may benefit, I advocate investing in study, practice, and instruction before investing in modifications to a stock Seydel.  


Feel free to contact me regarding custom set-ups to your Seydel diatonic and chromatic harmonica. I enjoy providing personal service to musicians of all genre and skill levels.


My rates vary but customers can expect lower rates when the harmonica is purchased directly through me.  


It is best to contact me for a cost estimate on modifications. When inquiring, I can best help you if you provide a little background on your style of music, skill level, and other instruments played.  

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