16:23 Harmonics is factory authorized to handle Seydel diatonic and chromatic repairs, warranty service, and custom set-ups. Before shipping your Seydel for service, complete the customer contact form and read the information below.

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Seydel chromatic repair prices can vary but generally run about $35.00 + return shipping of $6. Where possible, I will replace broken brass chromatic reeds with a polished stainless steel reed. 


As a service to my customers, I will generally inspect the entire chromatic and perform any other needed routine maintenance.  


Chromatic harmonicas can be shipped in the Seydel hinged chromatic box as pictured. Be sure to enclose a note with your name and address and a description of the problem.




16:23 Custom Harmonicas

121 Gray Hawk

Spring Branch, TX  78070


Please enclose a note with the harmonica. I receive a considerable number of packages each week and those without idenifying information are my lowest priority. 


I have found USPS Priority Mail shipping to be the most efficient.  The USPS provides the box, the parcel is tracked to delivery, and USPS packages are delivered to my doorstep or lockbox.  The cost is about $8.00 and a small flat rate box will hold up to 8 diatonic harmonicas or 1 chromatic.  


As a service to my customers, I offer prepaid shipping labels which I can email. Alternatively, I am can send a box with packing materials and a prepaid shipping label attached.  


Because of the extremely high volume of harmonicas I receive, it is difficult for me to provide personal confirmation on receipt. Please check tracking before contacting me to check on your shipment.



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