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Georgia On My Mind

This is the old Hoagie tune that is a jazz classic. Of course it was made even more famous by Willie Nelson and Ray Charles.

I play it in the key of (C) and am using a Session Steel (LowF). The (LowF) is the perfect range for songs like this and it sounds great up against a guitar. In the first version, I sing the tune and play a verse at the end on harp.

Here is a strictly instrumental version where I play all 3 verses and the bridge on the same harmonica (LowF). I call this 2nd position on the verses, but the bridge (Other arms, reach about to me.. ), actually modulates to a key other than (C), in my opinion.

A little about the harp that I'm using. It is a Session Steel with a custom Session Steel comb from Blue Moon Harmonicas. The covers are actually 1847 covers. I prefer them mainly because they fit on my rack a little better. However, I do find that many players like this configuration, as well.

It is - in fact - so popular that I sell it on my web site as a Session Steel PLUS. You may order the Session Steel PLUS from me here

If you have questions or are interested in a Seydel harmonica, please contact me via email

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