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Fly Me To The Moon (Backing)

(Session Steel PLUS is pictured. Buy here)

This is a backing track to the classic FLY ME TO THE MOON.

It is in the key of (C) and the guitar plays the 1st verse.

It is set so you can download it if you like.


These songs make use of the Major 7th or the 7th note of the major scale.

This means that if you are going to play it in 2nd position, you will either need to avoid

the draw 5 note or play it as an overblow.

The other option is to use a Country Tuned harmonica where the 5 draw is tuned up 1/2 step.

If you have questions or wish to purchase a Country Tuned Seydel diatonic, contact me here

Fly Me To The Moon (Backing)

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