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To Wonder? Why The Saxony, Of Course

For decades, he as entertained millions with hit hit after hit. Undisputedly one of the most influential and heard musicians over the past 40 years. Timeless music that appeals to fans of all genre, he writes, sings, composes, and is a fantastic instrumentalist. To the harmonica world, he is even more. Arguably one of the best living chromatic harmonica players his playing extends well beyond contemporary jazz and into a soulful sound that is loved by his fans. Currently on tour, Stevie Wonder played to a packed stadium at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. The staff a Barclays went looking for the perfect gift to present him on the night of the show, Their search brought them to 16:23 Harmonicas for ideas. The answer was obvious; The Seydel Saxony. An amazing chromatic harmonica hand built by German craftsmen among the greatest in the world. There are many great chromatic harmonicas on the market, but April 12, 2015, the choice was clear and this Seydel Saxony went into the hands of Stevie Wonder. At 16:23, we were honored to be the provider of this great instrument to one of the finest performers of our time.

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