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Chromatic Harmonica Pedal and Rack

At 16:23 Custom Harmonicas we are collaborating with outstanding chromatic harmonica player Mr. Chuck Rejto in the manufacture and sale of a pedal that allows the chromatic to be played on a neck rack. The system uses a push-pull cable that is connected to a lever on the rack that pushes the button when the pedal is pressed. The current design uses the Seydel Saxony or Deluxe chromatic which is screwed on to the rack, holding the chromatic firmly in place. Chuck Rejto has been using his current model for over six years with a heavy performance schedule.

The current design, built by an experienced machinist, has been improved upon based on Chuck’s experience. Check out Chuck’s video demonstration as well as the photos of the pedal below. If you are are chromatic player who has always wanted to incorporate guitar or keyboard, this may be the perfect option. Priced at $600+ freight, the units are ready for shipping when we invoice.

Interested? Email me HERE

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