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Octave Tuned Seydel Fanfare



img_6262 (1).jpg




Pictured is a beautiful Seydel Fanfare (C) that is octave tuned. The bottom plate is a Low C and the upper plate is the regular C. Built on a standard 270 acrylic comb it has the upgraded Fanfare mouthpiece. Solo tuned, this harp has great sound with numerous applications in Zydeco-Cajun, country, Irish, and hymns. I’m excited to see the use of tremolo and octave harps in band context where they can provided backing in chords and act as a pad where traditional diatonic doesn’t fit. The octave tuned Fanfare is available at 16:23 Custom Harmonicas. Please email me for pricing and information as this is an exclusive 16:23 Custom Harmonicas harp:

Listen to it here: Sound Sample

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