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Oh The Forums!

Forums are these really interesting places online where people with similar interests can get together in a virtual setting and discuss their passions. You might be interested to know that a harmonica forum that is still in existence today was one of the original forums.

It isn’t surprising that harmonica players like to compare notes, showcase their playing, and discuss harmonica related topics. The forums are out there on Facebook, web sites, and other platforms. Forums can be a great place and I can certainly say that some of life’s most aggravating nuisances can be eliminated because a kind soul shared a solution on a forum. I’ve fixed lawnmowers, boat motors, and computers using a little tip I picked up off of a forum. Unfortunately, new harmonica players often find themselves tied to forums.

It is important to realize that every minute spent on a forum is a minute a player is not involved in the creative expression of music. It is also important to realize that there is no way to ascertain the skill level or knowledge of many forum posters. Frequently, new players will read the forums and sort of adopt the lingo that they see. Eventually the new player begins posting and using this lingo and then new forum members that come in behind him and sort of assume the poster is an expert.

This is extremely common and it tends to propel information that isn’t always accurate. The forum sort of becomes the forum of expression and not the music. The truly great players out there are naturally gifted in the art of expression. I find the same skill applies when they share their knowledge in a public forum. We can certainly benefit from their experience. However, these truly gifted musicians didn’t master their art by dwelling on a forum. As a novice player, you won’t either.

As a Seydel representative and technician, I enjoy providing accurate information to Seydel players and future Seydel customers. If you have a question about a technique, product, or issue, please contact me here. I'm happy to help.

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