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Bebop Tuning Chroms

One of the neat tuning options out there for chromatic is what is called Bebop tuning. The idea is very simple and the transition from standard chromatic solo tuning to bebop is very easy. Bebop merely lowers your 4 and 8 blow notes down 1 whole step.

This eliminates the dual/side-by-side notes at holes 4 & 5 and 8 & 9. Many players find these duplicated notes to be annoying. By lowering the holes 4 & 8 a whole step, the draw/blow pattern remains the same across the entire harp instead of the swap that happens there on conventional solo tuning. The biggest advantage is it gives the player a very jazzy and soulful sounding bebop scale as well as an additional dominant 7th chord on the blow holes 1-4 and 4-8. Bebop tuning makes sense and I expect today’s alternate tuning scheme of Bebop to be tomorrow’s standard tuning for chromatic.

Seydel chromatics convert very easily to be Bebop tuning and the great thing is that it can always be reversed if it isn’t your thing.

If you would like more information on Bebop tuning or would like to purchase a Bebop tuned Seydel chromatic, contact me here

Check out additional information on Seydel chromatics and other harp related information here

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