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Silver Plated Mouthpiece & Tarnish

The Seydel Deluxe, Saxony, and Symphony chromatics have a mouthpiece option called the half-moon. The half-moon is so named because on edge they are shaped like a semi-circle or half-moon. These mouthpieces have become enormously popular because they are very smooth on the lips. This is in part due to the shape and also due to the silver plating that is used on the exterior. Silver plating is not only attractive but it feels nice on the mouth while playing. Silver plating seems to be less irritating to the lips after lengthy playing and practice.

However, one very minor disadvantage to silver plating is that it will eventually tarnish. This is in many cases barely noticeable and the amount of tarnish will vary based on numerous environmental factors. Even in the worst cases, it is unlikely the player will even notice tarnish while playing and it is merely a cosmetic issue. Removing tarnish is very simple and this video will demonstrate how.

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