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The Seydel Saxony

Hold a Saxony in your hands and even before you play it, you know you possess a quality instrument. The Saxony was designed for the serious chromatic player and/or the student who wants to get serious about playing the chromatic harmonica. Saxony owners need an instrument they can play continuously whether in performance or practice. By nature and construction, chromatic harmonicas require care and maintenance to a much greater extent than their cousins, the diatonic harmonica. The many moving parts contained within them contribute to a beautiful jazz and classical instrument but also increase the likelihood of minor mechanical issues. Utilizing stainless steel reeds, the Saxony will stay in tune and players can expect durable reeds and great sound. Built on an aluminum comb, the Saxony also has a machined slide assembly that is built to precise standards and then checked and adjusted by hand at the factory. The assembly uses a rail that essentially allows the player’s own breath to self-lubricate the action. Lastly, the Saxony uses the waffle wind saver design that not only provides a great seal on the reed slot but allows some air circulation. Passionate players know that their chromatic harmonica has to be maintained and Seydel engineers were thinking about this, as well. Underneath the covers are two (2) sets of screws which allow the harmonica to be quickly disassembled and even partially re-assembled and played for troubleshooting/play checks. Understanding the issues prone to chromatic harmonicas, Seydel provides easily accessible and reasonably priced replacement parts. More importantly, Seydel invests in technicians such as 16:23 Custom Harmonicas who are committed to skilled repair and maintenance services. If you are considering the purchase of a new chromatic, consider purchasing a Seydel Saxony from 16:23 Custom Harmonicas. When you do so, you become part of a great customer base that seeks individualized personal service and customer attention. The Saxony is available from 16:23 Custom Harmonicas as a stock instrument in the keys of (G) and (C) in SOLO tuning for $380 with shipping in the U.S. It is also also available in a related tuning called ORCHESTRA TUNING which simply chops a few of the higher notes off and adds them back on the low side. Other keys and tuning options are available for an additional cost. I am happy to walk my customers through the many options available through the Seydel factory. I am also able to offer tuning options which I can perform myself. Contact me at to place your order or to ask questions. We are committed to getting the player into the right instrument.

Below is a great video review of the Seydel Saxony by Mr. Neil Adler.

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