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PowerDraw Tuning

I am a big proponent of alternate tuning options for the the diatonic harp. Alternate tunings help re-wire our brain away from the musical rut we sometimes find ourselves. The PowerDraw tuning is a great option for players wanting to step out into a fun tuning that offers a lot of interesting musical concepts, especially for those who like to jam. PowerDraw tuning was originally developed by Brendon Power who is not only an outstanding player in many genre but a great player on multiple tuning schemes.

The PowerDraw tuning is unique in that it maintains a consistent blow/draw pattern across all 10 holes of the harp. This allows for expressive draw bends on holes 7-10. It also brings the 2nd position blues scale into reach without overblows or overdraws.

The PowerDraw tuning on a (C) harp is as follows:

Blow — C E G C E G A C E A

Draw — D G B D F A B D G C

In that the PowerDraw tuning allows for some great upper register playing, it might be considered more appropriate in the keys between LOW D and Bb. However, it works well here the below video which demonstrates playing in the key of G on a (C) harp. The PowerDraw tuning works even better on a half-valved harp where the player can get some very nice blow bends for added expression.

At 16:23 Custom Harmonicas, we offer the PowerDraw tuning in the Seydel Session Steel and the 1847. As usual, we offer multiple comb and cover combinations as well as half-valving and adjustments to tuning, temperament, and frequency basis (440 v. 442). Email us at for more information.

Check out the PowerDraw video demonstration below where I noodle around to a simple blues backing track and demonstrate the upper octave blues scale on both a PowerDraw and standard diatonic.

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