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Harp Tools & Adjustments

I frequently get inquiries from players seeking a recommendation for tools. There are some all-in-one and somewhat pricey options out there but don’t overlook the inexpensive and arguably the best tool for the job. A toothpick is great for making minor reed adjustments. The soft point won’t scratch reeds and there is virtually no chance for slot damage because the toothpick is softer than the reed plate. To open the reed gap, just gently massage the reed pressing out a few times. Simply press the reed in if you are wanting to close the reed gap.Understand that the reed is a spring and is naturally going to fall back to its original position. You will have to repeat the process 4 or 5 times before getting even the slightest change in resting gap. Remember, the best harp is not the customized neither is it the most expensive. It is the harp that you player adjust for your style and nuance. Like a good marksman continually tweaks his sights, you can make very minor adjustments that can make major improvements in your harp playing.

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