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The New Seydel Sampler – Revolutionary Concept

The Seydel Sampler is a unique harmonica that blends Seydel innovativeness with existing chromatic harmonica concepts to create a unique 2-in-1 harp. Available in the key of C/G, you essentially have a solo tuned C harp and a solo tuned G harp and change keys by using the slide. The applications for this are numerous, but for once you get great 3rd position work in 2 keys (Dm & Am). The other advantage is that you get a great instrument to play classic jazz and folk tunes using solo tuning. Wind savers on the higher note in each chamber give you blow and draw bending capabilities to provide expressiveness as well as missing notes. At 16:23 Custom Harmonicas, we expect great music to be coming from this harp. There could be endless creative tuning schemes for this harmonica and at 16:23 Custom Harmonicas, we are here to help you experiment with the many options you have with the Sampler.

Order now and you don’t pay until the harp is packaged and ready to be mailed. If you have a blown reed on a stainless steel Seydel, send it our way and we will replace the reed for no charge with your order of the Seydel Sampler.

Order the Sampler HERE

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