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Country Tuned .. Not Only For Country

Ever heard of a country tuned harmonica? Country tuning is the secret weapon of great harp players in every genre and in truth, it has as many or more applications outside of country music as within. A country tuned harmonica has the draw 5 note raised 1/2 step. Most applicable in 2nd position/cross, raising the 5 draw gives the player easy access to a major 7th. The 5 draw in cross harp is the 7th note of the musical scale and many recognizable songs require that note to be a major 7th. Some harmonicas can be ordered as country tuned and Seydels are among those that can be configured to this great tuning. I can also re-tune any Seydel I carry to country tuning and I do this by exchanging the 5 draw reed, not by filing the existing reed. Try something new and re-train your ear to hear different and more creative sounds. Country tuning gives great timbre to many show tunes, jazz standards, bluegrass, country, pop, and hymns. Step away from the blues and expand your musical creativity!

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