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Perfection in all details:

- low maintenance technology: no broken springs  thanks to the Magnet Slider System (patent-pending )

- the springless slider offers a super-smooth low friction slider action 

- silver coated mouthpiece, half-moon shaped and srcewed from the back of the instrument 

- easy cleaning of the slider: it releases by opening one screw only

- specially coated injection molded aluminium coverplates: for an extra warm tone and the perfect sound projection

- CNC precision milled aluminium comb, black anodized: well ballanced and solid

- anti-corrosive German silver reedplates screwed onto the comb individually

- anti-corrosive polished stainless steel reeds, screws, rivets and polished reeds for improved durability

- optimized tolerances between reeds and reedslots for a fast tonal response as well as less air-consumption

- special SEYDEL valve material: less adhesive than conventional valves - for stress-free playing

- the overall air-tight construction of the instrument plus the use of polished reeds lead to an optimized tone control and a very brilliant sound  


Best protection: the instruments come in a versatile and stable carrying case made of durable polymer hard shell. 

SYMPHONY 48 Chromatic - it's MAGnetIC

  • Shipping $10.00

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