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The Solist Pro is a value priced diatonic that is great for beginners and the perfect backup for experienced players, as well. The Solist Pro has all brass reeds, sealed wood comb, and narrower covers than other Seydel diatonic harps.  The modular construction of the Solist Pro is perfect for upgrading to stainless steel reeds and the Solist Pro is designed for easy upgrading to 1847 reed plates. Consistent reed slot dimensions means that blown reeds can be easily and economically repaired by us or other Seydel technicians.

​Tuning: Standard Richter

Solist Pro

  • Shipping fee $6.00  

    All purchases are shipped via USPS Priority Mail in a Small Flat Rate Box.Tracking information will be provided by email when the order is filled and shipped.

  • The Seydel Deluxe is available in numerous tuning configurations. Many of these tunings must be built to order at the factory in Germany and customers can expect a 4 week wait.  We would prefer to handle orders for alternate tunings via email so we can communicate directly with you on your purchase.  

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