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The Fanfare - S is the highest end tremolo harmonica on the market.  Built on a chromatic frame, the Fanfare-S is an all stainless steel reed instrument. Popular with Irish style musicians and others where the accordion sound is popular.  The round hole mouthpiece means the Fanfare-S is smooth to play.  Note that the Fanfare-S is tuned wet as is more common in the European tremolo sound.


  • Shipping fee $6.00  

    All purchases are shipped via USPS Priority Mail in a Small Flat Rate Box.Tracking information will be provided by email when the order is filled and shipped.

  • The Seydel Deluxe is available in numerous tuning configurations. Many of these tunings must be built to order at the factory in Germany and customers can expect a 4 week wait.  We would prefer to handle orders for alternate tunings via email so we can communicate directly with you on your purchase.  

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